Monday, 21 October 2013

Parsley - petroselinum crispum

My parsley has grown into a giant this spring! I planted it about a year and a half ago, and it has taken over its own section of my herb garden. It is an Italian 'garden' parsley which is my favourite of the parsley varieties. It's biennial, and likes to bolt in spring and summer, causing it to seed. If you want more time with the leaves then be sure to pick the flower heads off once you spot them. If left to bolt and seed it will produce less leaves, investing its energy into flowering.
A close-up on some of my parsley on top of my fireplace 
The flower heads which seed easily
For its magical properties parsley seeds, leaves and root can be used. It used to have 'death' connotations and was sometimes referred to as 'Devil's oatmeal', but today is mostly associated with healing, lust, fertility and protection. 
A welcome sight in any witch's herb garden
Glyph for Mercury 
Parsley is ruled by the planets Mercury and Mars, and can be used to boost ones strength, and to heighten vitality. It had energies which are helpful for people recovering from injury or surgery. It also gives fresh energy and life to situations which have stagnated or plateaued.  

Sunday, 6 October 2013

La Madonna di Monte Berico

This Madonna is from my mothers province in Italy. Vicenza, Veneto. This statue belongs to my cousin Esther, it came over with the family when they immigrated to Australia. I love prayer cards and statues of the virgin Mary, I've grown up surrounded by her.
My cousin Esther owns this family statue. It is older than her, and came over from Italy with her mother.